Data always inspired me. My grand-father was always saying « understand the past you will predict the future ». If this principle works pretty well for History, it works even better when you have data to analyze. And that’s wonderful !

My name is Florent, i love data exploration and creating tools, and Python is really perfect for that. During my professional tasks, i was developing websites, finding insights in data, creating UI/UX and flyers, analyzing web user behaviors, and also founding the cultural agenda Nwundo. All these experiences always had something from data analyst job, and that’s why i enjoyed it so much.

In 6 years, I worked in 6 different companies, with different tools, and mostly Excel to present final data analysis. At University, we had many programming courses with R, and few with Python. And maybe that comes from the teacher, but Python has always been my favorite.

So « Is R better than Python ? »: This question could need a debate. But one thing is sure, is that Python’s getting more popular because it’s easier to read, and that there are more and more libraries for data science, webscrapping, or nice and dynamic data visualization.. Here is an article of my best Python courses, from (almost) scratch to Kaggle competitions. If you’re beginner with Python, these courses are for you.

My first impression was that Machine Learning was so far from me. But with practice and reading, i was more and more able to produce codes. Finally, I could put into practice notions that were still abstract for me at university. A super feeling !

Today, I’m improving my knowledge (deep learning, new libraries, tips and extensions) and launching this website (now) focusing on only one topic : Python coding for data analysis and data science.

Work Experiences

Python Data Analyst

at ArcelorMittal
Luxembourg - LUXEMBOURG
2020 (+12 months V.I.E contract)

Resume: The VIE job is about data harmonization and deduplication with Python (2 data analysts). The DB is filled with 2 millions data (EU spare parts stocks). The data is complex and noisy: multiple languages, free written texts, technical elements, and with additional data collected from different DBs and sources as webscraping.

  • Use of ‘Homemade’ text analysis scripts, NLP, and Machine learning models
  • Produce .exe programs for Business and dashboards with Tableau
  • Develop creativity, curiosity and choose the smartest way to code robust ‘good enough’ scripts to get the best Precision in results and the best Accuracy in estimates

Tools: JupyterNB (+extensions), Python (pandas), Webscrapping (Selenium, BeautifulSoup), Tableau, DBeaver, Excel (+VBA), App (Flask, and tools), SkypeBusiness, SharePoint, PowerPoint

Founder Cultural Agenda

at Nwundo
French Riviera - FRANCE
2019 (+24 months entrepreneur)

Resume: Founded the cultural agenda Nwundo for the French Riviera, with artistic events, « fêtes » and festivals, and specializing in Live Music! I kept the project alive, created several partnerships, and energized a community bigger day after day.

  • Sponsored by the local influent association
  • +5 partenerships, +15 blog writting editions with local bands, +1 social game with international artist
  • +3K website visitors, 500 active users, +500 Facebook followers, +300 Instagram followers
  • 1st Google position for 3 different requests

Tools: Laravel, PWA, WordPress, Google AdWords and Analytics, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Python (webscraping), SEO optimization tools (Yoast, Uber suggest, tinypng), Social Medias tools

Digital Project Supervisor

at Jadéclo
2019 (+4 months short contract)

Resume: Managed a team to accomplish clients projects such as website development, digital strategy implementation, SEO improvement, blog writing and all they needed. During this short experience, i developed the website of a famous restaurant chain.

  • Developed the website of a famous global restaurant chain (Steak’N Shake)
  • Team management and webmarketing tools support

Tools: WordPress, Project management, Blog writting, growth hacking, multiple CMS

Digital Manager

at Eccity
Grasse - FRANCE
2017 (+14 months apprenticeship)

Resume: Managed the marketing and communication of the French electric scooter manufacturer. I had to handle: digital projects, newsletters, social networks, brochures, web data analysis, fairs and organization of the booth and campaign for the EICMA in Milan. A great experience! 

  • Organisation of the participation to the famous trade show EICMA
  • Managed multiple digital projects (app, website, social medias growth)
  • Partnership with the French Volleyball team captain

Tools: Prestashop, Laravel, Social medias tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Web writting, Adobe Illustrator

Data Project Manager

at Maison d'Azur
Antibes - FRANCE
2015 (+6 months internship)

Resume: Hired to work on several IT projects like developing the Access computer database, analyzing its data, and creating customer segmentation for campaign optimization. Also created from scratch a conciergerie service 2.0, and developed it trough a data driven strategy. Plus some digital extras works.

  • Developed from scratch the Access database of the company
  • +30% on return rate with +50% savings on first marketing campaign (data driven strategy)
  • Launched the new ‘Conciergerie’ service 
  • Provide tools to support team in their works
  • Wrote specifications for an eco-citizen application

Tools: Access database, Excel, personal service french laws exploration, entrepreneur and creative mind, data analysis process

Data Analyst

at Hopital, Financial Service
Antibes - FRANCE
2014 (+3 months internship)

Resume: Had to handle the SAP database, and train the staff to its use. Also get some conclusions from data analysis that produce monthly savings and better efficiency in some Hospital services. Some key informations from answered staff questionnaires help me with this.

  • +10% optimization of occupancy (with data exploration and analysis)
  • +1K€ monthly savings from better treatment placements (data driven decision)
  • Reducing by 60% the patient waiting time for emergency service
  • Wrote a tailored documentation of BusinessObjects for hospital employees

Tools: BusinessObject, SQL, survey questionnaires tools, documentation


Data Science with Python

at Online courses
Coursera, Udacity, Kaggle, EdX
2019 (+8 months tailored programme)

Resume: Tailor-made programme.

  • Top 5% Kaggle competition Titanic
  • Top 10% Kaggle competition House Prices
  • Free Bitcoin Price prediction machine learning
  • Flask dashboard
  • Games developped with simplegui GUI

Classes: Python basics, Python for data analysis, Statistics, Machine learning courses, Tableau courses, Deep learning, Kaggle competitions

Digital Strategy Master's

at University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Nice Sophia-Antipolis - FRANCE
2015/2017 (+2 years Master)

Resume: Real projects management, e-CRM, SEO and web-marketing, Data mining with R and digital strategy management

  • Master accomplished with apprenticeship contrat
  • Grade 15.3/20

Classes: Datamining, E-CRM, Business models, Knowledge management, Digital transformation management, Digital marketing, Supply chain, SEO, Commercial negociations, Management

Applied Mathematics & Programming

at University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Nice, Valrose - FRANCE
2011/2014 (+3 years Licence)

Resume: Modelisation, game theories, and econometry, Applied mathematics, probabilities and statistics, programmation with Python and R

  • Member of student union
  • Student entrepreneur status applications

Tools: Mathematics, Econometry, Macroeconomics, Modelisation, informatic systems, Microeconomics, Statistics, R and Python programming, Optimization, Game Theory