How i started data science – Feedback


Programming, hacking, and datas have always fascinated me. After the baccalaureate, I chose a university bachelor’s degree to study mathematics applied to social sciences. After these 3 years, i started my master’s degree in digital strategy.
During these five years I only had one semester of Python. I still perfectly remember the emotion felt when I coded my first for loop. Despite a bad start, the teacher gave me a second chance, which was revealing because i finished the semester in the top5!

This is typically the kind of teacher that we can’t forget with the years. Thank you Madam!

There was also this young assistant Laurent, graduated several times, who told us by experience that we were not realizing that statistical programming will be very useful in the coming years in our careers. It takes me few years of maturity to understand what he said this day.

About R, we had almost 5 semesters with 4 hours a week. I can still see all those dismayed teachers, often rightly so, to see the lack of interest the students have in their subject. We liked mathematics, statistics, and programming is an extension, the tool to put the concepts into practice. Perhaps they had not found the right words, perhaps their exercises were outdated. But one thing was certain, my desire to discover R was slowly fading. Instead, I was nostalgically remembering the Python classes. Dear memories!

Internship & apprenticeship

My first two internships were directly related to my studies: data analysis and data work. Surrounded by all these numbers, I felt so happy. And the companies where I worked gave me so much.

After that, no more internship salaries. Finding a job had become harder, candidates were more and more, companies had the power of decision. I began to expand my wishes, forgetting a bit having a job that fit perfectly with what i’m looking for.

I went into marketing and communication for a year in an apprenticeship contract. I was finding my happiness in the data of Google Analytics, social networks, or advertisements stats. The company placed a lot of trust in me and put me in charge of projects management, bigger than my young age at this time. I must admit I enjoyed that.


The apprenticeship contract finished at the same time as my studies. I was graduated from a bac +5, ready to enter the job market. But I was missing something. Before the baccalaureate, I thought about becoming webmaster and develop my own business. Never lost sight of this wish. During my studies, I submitted applications for student-entrepreneur status, pitched, created a team for that project, and drafted my first business plan. The project was a cultural agenda on the French Riviera, in the format of a mobile application.

There was a certain Christophe, attached to the student-entrepreneur’s office, I came to consult him from time to time, when my project was expanding. Over the years, he had seen plenty of projects, and from experience could tell if a project was viable or not. Mine was not. « There are plenty of agendas » he said. I could have stopped there, after all he knows his job well. But I would have regretted all my life not doing it. As a thesis, this project will be the final project that will close my studies, wherever it will take me.

I remember very often this moment thinking « what if I didn’t do anything of that ». It’s hard to relay perfectly what we lived, but to summarize here, this year of entrepreneurship and the launch of my project was a great experience, full of unforgettable memories. If you want to read more about this adventure, i wrote a feedback of this year.

Data science

My last experience before the data science was in digital agency created by two women, as competent as complementary. They were looking for a second, a supervisor project manager. I wanted to combine entrepreneurship and full-time work. And I was starting to miss analyzing data, not enough with my cultural agenda. During our interview, I confided my wish to put into practice statistics, and data analysis. We agreed.

I loved the responsibilities that were entrusted to me, I worked on interesting projects, and there was no routine, the missions were diverse. However, no data to analyze, and nothing to let me think that it would be the case in the coming weeks, or the next few months. The agreement was not respected, and after 3 months the adventure was over.

It reinforced the idea that yes I love data analysis, but if I want to succeed, I still need to specialize. While I was losing myself in a job that no longer reflected me (or not enough), this experience acted as an awakening.

The time had come to learn Python, to reembark on the path of data analysis.

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If you’re new to data science, i invite you to discover the courses that bring me to efficiency.

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